Mindy Haffke

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My Story

Before marriage officiating, my first passion is Engineering. I like to joke that my official title is Officiant Mindy Haffke, PE where engineering and love are formally combined.

How does that work?

I graduated with my Mechanical Engineering degree in 2008 from the University of Nevada, Reno and I have been in the industry starting as an intern since 2006. Pushing through the barriers, I now have my Professional Engineering (PE) license in two states and in 2020 (yes, during the Pandemic) I completed my MBA also at the University of Nevada, Reno. My engineering career satisfies my mental stimulation, but I wanted something to feed my creative side where I get to help people and marriage officiating satisfies that craving.  I began this journey in the Summer of 2018 when ironically a fellow UNR Engineering alum, colleague and friend asked me to officiate his marriage to the love of his life.  With a thermodynamics book in hand containing the wedding ceremony, right then and there, I combined engineering and marriage officiating. This process was so organic that I felt it was meant to be.

Since then, I have officiated several marriages and I’m craving to unlock more love!

I am a non-denominational, LGBTQ+ friendly marriage officiant who absolutely LOVEs love! I enjoy getting to know you, the couple – how you met, how you got engaged, and how you envision your perfect marriage ceremony. With this information, I cherish tailoring a custom ceremony specifically for you!

The LOVE doesn’t stop there! Even before you hire me, I am focused on helping you! What questions you may have, ideas on where you want to get married – I want to help. Even up until your big day, I’ll help you write your own vows! Of course, not for you, but I’ll help you get through it. Whatever you need before, during or even after your wedding ceremony; I have your back!

I’ve noticed the same questions arise during this post-engagement process and I, along with this website, am here to answer any questions you have about marriage officiating and any wedding/marriage-related topics.

Are these questions you’re asking yourself?

Where do we obtain a marriage license?

We are a non-denominational couple, how does that work?

Help! We forgot to book a Marriage Officiant, are you available?

If this is you, I would LOVE to help!

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