HAFFKE pronounced “Half-Key”

When I proudly became a Haffke on 10.01.16, the saying “two Haffkes make a whole” stuck with me when I became a Marriage Officiant. My tag line is “Making Two Half Keys A Whole To Unlock Love”… GET IT? As cheesy as it sounds, my last name, this business and what it stands for resonates with me. This meaning is beyond my love for my husband and our marriage; it drives me to help couples solidify their union!

Making Two Half Keys A Whole To Unlock Love

My last name lead me to my tag line, which then lead me to my beautiful logo designed by the talented Michael “Mikko” Catoner. See my other blog post: New Logo, Same Me for more information about this significant logo.

Then, it went deeper when my husband surprised me with a single citrine gemstone on my birthday last year telling me that I can create something with it! If you haven’t heard of the gemstone “citrine” or if you’re not into crystal healing, this gemstone represents good vibes and success. The citrine gemstone promotes motivation, activates creativity and encourages self-expression. Exactly what I encompass when I write and conduct ceremonies. I kept these details in mind when I pondered what I wanted to design.

Exactly a year later and with the help of my dear friend Doug E. Moore at D Street Designs, he created this beautiful necklace for me inspired by ALL OF THIS! As you can see, it reflects my logo… a key. The citrine gemstone is set inverted within a timeless bezel. The flat surface rests against my body to fully feel the connection to this stone. As for the initial, I chose “H” instead of “M” as it honors my marriage. The 18K gold sets this piece of jewelry on FIRE! I couldn’t be happier, honored or more thankful for what I get to wear around my neck every day.

Designed by Doug at D Street Designs

H A F F K E… it comes full circle.


Please contact me to create a beautiful and unique wedding ceremony for you and your fiancé! Please contact Doug for him to create a beautiful and unique piece that truly reflects you!

Published by Mindy Haffke

Marriage Officiant located in Reno, NV helping couples through the post process of engagement!

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