Introducing Officiant Facts!

I developed Officiant Facts when I created a Twitter and Instagram account to promote my business. I learned from the book the zen of social media marketing by Shama Hyder and KNOWN by Mark W. Shaefer that we must produce content in order to consistently engage with our audience. I chose Officiant Facts because I want to help couples and other Officiants / Celebrants out there understand there are certain laws we must abide by. I’ve found Officiants Facts every step of the way (even in unexpected places) and I wanted to share some of them below!

OFFICIANT FACT 1: Did you know if an Officiant doesn’t  file the marriage license in the State of Nevada within 10 days of the ceremony, it’s a misdemeanor?

OFFICIANT FACT 2: You are NOT legally married after obtaining a marriage license – a marriage ceremony must be performed by any person authorized to perform a marriage (aka ME!) and the marriage certificate must be filed.

OFFICIANT FACT 3: Some states don’t require a witness to sign your marriage certificate or be present at the ceremony! Know your local laws!

Photo by ME while completing paperwork.

OFFICIANT FACT 4: Did you know that a portion of Nevada’s marriage license fee is allocated to the Account for Aid for Victims of Domestic Violence in the State General Fund?

OFFICIANT FACT 5: Of course anyone can get ordained online (shoutout to Universal Life Church), but in order to be recognized as a Marriage Officiant / Minister by the state, there may be additional steps to follow like a background check! Know your local laws!

Thank you for reading! Please follow me on Twitter and / or Instagram for more Officiant Facts!

Published by Mindy Haffke

Marriage Officiant located in Reno, NV helping couples through the post process of engagement!

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