Why I LOVE love… PART II.

This is the continuation of our love story… part deux, the road to marriage!

After 4 years of dating and wondering when RJ was going to pop the question, he finally proposed on October 25, 2014!  Yes, Happy Engagement Anniversary to us!

I was attending a bridal shower for a dear friend that day when I realized I was the only unmarried soul in that room.  Not typically phased by that characteristic, I found myself defending our relationship to very curious gals wondering when we are getting married.  “You’re next!” I kept hearing over and over.  My smile turned to a nod and shrugs until I left that party.  I knew RJ and I had “date night” that night, so I couldn’t turn sour.  I tried to stay positive as I completely vented to him when I arrived at his house.  I didn’t feel like putting on a cute outfit and doing all the pretty prepwork that is typically involved in date night.  With a deep *sigh* I half-assed it, but I made sure to put on a go-to dress and heels.  We were going to our favorite restaurant, LuLou’s, after-all!

After a long car ride there of me continuously venting and telling him, “Well, I know you love me and I love you, so I’m okay not being engaged yet!” as we arrived at our favorite spot.  Of course, I was telling myself anything to keep my mind off of the frustration.  I WANTED TO MARRY HIM SO BADLY!  

We entered LuLou’s. We already decided we would eat at the bar, order drinks and do the “casual” thing.  We ran into a photographer there who said he was taking pictures for their new website.  (by the way – LuLou’s is known for not having a website.)  After we ordered our drinks, RJ blurted out and demanded to see a menu.  A nearby couple offered us their menu and he snapped at them!  “No, we’ll take this one!”  I was confused as to why he was in a rush and also quite rude, but I brushed it off… UNTIL… I looked down to read the top of the menu –

“Mindy, Will You Marry Me?” 

I was in shock, confused, excited, nervous; all of the emotions!  I didn’t know what to do until I turned around to see RJ on the ground on one knee with a beautiful ring in his hands.  He said, “Mindy, you are my everything, will you marry me?”  Short and sweet, and I was still in shock.  I think I said something to the effect of, “Is this real?  Are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS???” Thinking in my head that the ONE thing I wanted for his proposal to me (aside from being engaged to him with a GORGEOUS ring) is my parents to be there. Then… I heard “It’s real Mindy, say yes!” coming from around the corner.  My parents AND his parents came out from hiding behind a wall.  The photographer who supposedly was taking pics for their website was taking pictures of us!  And BOOM.  It hit me.  THIS IS REAL.  This is all for me.  HE IS MY EVERYTHING! I started ugly crying the ugliest of ugly cries… yes, ladies, it happens!  I finally said “YES!” and we all were escorted to the private back room to enjoy a family dinner as a newly engaged couple. 

Thank you Colleen at LuLou’s for making this moment memorable and to continue to print our names on the menus for our anniversaries.

Thank you Ben at Battle Born Photography, for stepping out of your norm and capturing this special moment for us!

Thank you Doug at D Street Designs for helping RJ design the PERFECT RING!

Wow, this story still gets me!  No shortage of butterflies here!  Let me know what you think and stay tuned for Part III! 

Published by Mindy Haffke

Marriage Officiant located in Reno, NV helping couples through the post process of engagement!

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