Why I LOVE love… PART I.

This is RJ Haffke, my husband!  We were married this day 4 years ago at the Nevada Museum of Art, in Reno, NV.  Yes, Happy Anniversary to us!  

RJ Haffke
Photography: Theilen Photography

I just wanted to share a little story about us; how it allllll started…

RJ and I first met when we found out our dads worked together at the same company.  They began a friendship and brought our families together for BBQs, birthdays and their kids’ graduations.  We went to the same middle school and high school where I am only a year older than RJ.  He likes to joke that because of this age difference AND the fact I was a cheerleader and he was in marching band, we would have NEVER worked out.  

Flash forward to 2006, our college years, where we found ourselves in the cafeteria of International Game Technology (IGT) as interns.  I was an Engineering Intern and he an Accounting Intern.  Boy, did he look different!  He was all grown up wearing professional attire.  I was so impressed that I called my mom when I got back to my desk.  

Years passed.  We dated other people, even told each other about our experiences while running into each other at the IGT gym.  We became closer; texted, instant messaged at work and met each other for Happy Hour a few times.  

December 2011 – both single at the time, RJ was graduating with his MBA and like our families did in the past, he invited my parents and I to his graduation.  My mom immediately commented on how RJ “looks at me”.  Pshhh!  “She was getting her hopes up”, I initially thought!  But was she?  Or did I not see something that was there all along.  I invited RJ over for pizza/football the next day and I began opening up to the idea of dating my long time friend.  

The next weekend we both attended an Ugly Sweater Christmas party where we flirted with other attendees.  Later, we all headed downtown and he offered me a ride to where some friends were partying.  After a rough night of scammy, gross guys hitting on me while I waited for my crush to show up, I quickly realized I’ve been stood up.  I stormed out of the bar.  To my surprise, RJ was still there!  He offered to drive me home… Then, it hit me!  HE is my knight in shining armor.  HE has been there for me all along; not like the other disappointing boys I dated in the past.  We were friends for so long that I figured I should explicitly tell him that he was no longer in “friend zone”.  After I told him this, he tried to put some smooth moves on me, which I quickly halted!  Talk about mixed signals!  I was fed up with silly games and meaningless hangouts because of the rough night I had. All I wanted was to be properly courted. He understood, as I knew he would. He is a true gentleman. Later that night, I dug out this list I made after my last heartbreak.  Yes, I made THAT type of list.

“The List” (as embarrassing as it is to post)

It listed out everything I wanted in a husband. I was so angry that it became several pages long. I checked it and confirmed RJ WAS EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED.  At that moment, I was all in.  We finished the year with a first date, first kiss and spending more time with each other. I started the new year with a new boyfriend and soon to be husband.  

Our First Date

Thank you for reading!  Part II is underway…

I would LOVE it if you shared YOUR story with me!  And I would be honored if you would allow me to share it on this blog and social media!  Please email me or comment below.

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