Final Blog Post for MBA Program

(But it won’t be the last…)

This website began because of an Executive MBA course, Personal Branding, taught by Dr. Bret Simmons.  I had one previous class with him… he is tough, yet fair.  In this Personal Branding class, we are assigned to create, you guessed it, our own personal brand.  It could be based on leadership, cooking, cars, whatever you can think of, but you must have a solid interest in the subject in order to professionally write about it.  This semester I opened myself up to sharing marriage officiating with him and this class, and I’m pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback I’ve received! 

All I wanted to do is impress Dr. Simmons; he definitely knows his stuff!  Your personal brand must fit within the guidelines of a “sustainable interest”.  Passion can only get you so far, but is your interest sustainable?  Can you build a name for yourself with the subject? Can you help people on the subject?  Once I understood what surrounds a sustainable interest, I knew it had to be marriage officiating.  I thoroughly enjoy it, but will Bret? 

I began writing, hoping to help couples in their post-engagement process.  I wrote about “What is an officiant?”, where you could get married with an elopement and the definitions of the different type of ceremonies.  As each blog post was posted, I received such positive encouragement from the one tough teacher from this MBA program and that’s when I knew, I had something! I now know I am on the right track and I found my sustainable interest.

Dr. Bret Simmons, thank you for being tough on us.  Thank you for being honest with us.  Because of you, I feel more confident in my writing and in marriage officiating.  I am so excited to continue this adventure.  As I complete this post, I wanted to mention that I just completed a local elopement earlier today and I cannot wait to update you (and my blog post readers) on the many more ceremonies I conduct and the joy I receive in doing something I am passionate about! 

Published by Mindy Haffke

Marriage Officiant located in Reno, NV helping couples through the post process of engagement!

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