What Does an Officiant Wear?

As a female Officiant, this could be a bit tricky.  The number one rule of any wedding is to never wear white as a guest and this applies to the Officiant as well.  How rude and embarrassing would it be if I showed up wearing a white dress for a ceremony?  I had one couple ask if I could wear a white dress as their attire was “beachy” semi-formal.  I still didn’t feel comfortable as I might be mistaken for the bride, so I opted to wear a simple navy blue dress with a white and navy blue blazer.  It worked! 

If you’re wondering what an Officiant should wear, below are a few tips and some examples of what I’ve worn in the past.

Understand the Vision

Always ask the couple if they have a preference.  Often, the couple won’t have one and therefore understanding the vision is your best bet!

Did your couple mention their event is a black-tie affair or a backyard casual wedding?

The couple’s wedding day atmosphere will provide you with an idea of what to wear.  I typically have a few solid outfits on deck that I feel comfortable standing in for a solid half an hour while feeling great!  In most instances a sleek, simple suit or dress in dark neutrals, blue or black, is acceptable for most weddings unless your couple has opted to wear a t-shirt and jeans!  In this case…

Dress the Part

I love dressing to match the couple!  It makes the pictures more fun and complete.  (See Cave Rock Elopement)  If a couple asked me to wear a Storm Trooper’s outfit for their Star Wars themed wedding, I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  Whatever your vision, I am here to support it!

Pay Attention to the Weather

The weather can make or break your outfit! If you choose to wear a suit, rock it! If you choose to wear a three piece suit in 103 degree weather, well, you still need to rock it, but pretend you aren’t sweating under it and all over. Choose your attire wisely when it comes to weather. In addition, if you know it was raining the night before and the ceremony is on grass, be aware the grass will be soggy and if you’re a female who loves to wear heels, you may want to avoid them for this one, which brings me to my next tip…


In addition to vision, location will definitely dictate your attire, especially your shoe choice. If the couple will wed atop of a mountain, hiking boots will absolutely be appropriate for this one. Again, be aware of grass and uneven surfaces. No one wants their Officiant to fall during the ceremony!

Avoid Patterns and Loud Colors

Unless otherwise requested by the couple, do not wear anything that makes you stand out!  Again, pictures are everything!  The Officiant may be in most, if not all, wedding ceremony photos, so make sure you blend in or be sure the couple has asked you to wear a certain color/pattern/attire. 

Here are a few outfits I’ve worn to conduct marriage ceremonies…

Starting at the top left – simple black suit with a little shine for formality, tried and true navy blue dress with small bow tie at neck, black dress shirt with bolo tie, which is a big hit when worn!

I love dressing for the occasion and I am more than willing to dress up or down to fit the couple’s vision! Please contact me if you want to share your vision of your special day!

Published by Mindy Haffke

Marriage Officiant located in Reno, NV helping couples through the post process of engagement!

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