Cave Rock – Lake Tahoe Elopement

Ceremony. Photo credit: Hannah Martini

I worked with Hannah Martini, amazing photographer, adventurer, and “professional third wheel”, on a previous micro-wedding.  You immediately feel comfortable with her energy and vibe.  When she recommended me to Erick and Lauren, a couple who recently moved to Reno, I was excited to work with her again… Little did I know, she was going to ask me to climb to the top of Cave Rock, east shore Lake Tahoe! 

Cave Rock aka The Lady of the Lake – Photo credit: Katherine Hill

Before this elopement, I had not climbed Cave Rock, especially for an elopement and I didn’t know what to expect!  I was more nervous for the climb in my officiating garb than I was for the ceremony. Driving up, I drove passed a lovely looking couple dressed in “athleisure” wear.  Thinking they were preparing for a hike; I didn’t expect them to be my couple.  Lost, I came back down the hill and parked next to said lovely couple. It was Erick and Lauren!  The couple opted to meet via phone, so I didn’t know what my couple looked like.  Hannah arrived shortly after and with hiking boots on our feet and a backpack in tow by the couple, we started our ascent.

It was the most adventurous experience.  Halfway up the hike, Erick and Lauren ducked into the bushes to change.  When they emerged, they adorned outfits that perfectly combined the outdoors and a formal event!  Erick wore slacks, a dress shirt and vest while Lauren wore a beautiful burgundy gown.  Her shoes?  Amazing handcrafted leather boots.  Coincidentally her dress perfectly matched the blazer I wore for their ceremony! 

Hannah snapped several pictures of the sweet couple heading to the top.  When we arrived, there were two women sitting; admiring the view. When we began, they realized what was happening and respected the situation; they even warned other hikers in hopes we would not be disturbed.  We were not.  The entire event seemed as if it was intentionally orchestrated by the mastermind herself, Hannah.  It was perfect!

Erick and Lauren are inspired by geology and crystal healing, which is what I based their ceremony on.  Lauren placed a large rose quartz crystal by my feet.  As some of you may know, rose quartz represents unconditional love and it was a perfect energy to have nearby.  Their unity ceremony was a crystal grid and I had not seen one before that day.  I felt the metaphysical power of the crystals surrounding us and it helped guide me through their ceremony.  (Side note, I bought a few crystals and started reading about their healing properties after meeting Erick and Lauren!)

At the conclusion of their ceremony and while I prepared their paperwork, Erick reached into his backpack, pulled out real dessert plates and utensils and began cutting their wedding cake! I thought the bag he was carrying was for Lauren’s dress, but it was a cake!  We shared the cake with one another, the two women who witnessed their ceremony and a few hikers.

This ceremony was honestly a harmonious and pleasant experience being surrounded by nature while establishing a union between two very kind souls.  After this ceremony, I absolutely live for adventure elopements! I am so lucky that Hannah brought us all together; capturing every moment with ease and grace. 

I LOVE love! Photo credit: Hannah Martini

Erick and Lauren, thank you for trusting me with creating this ceremony for you.  Hannah, I cannot wait to work with you again!  You are one talented photographer and your energy, passion, and creativity is undeniable! 

Perfect color palette and hug! Photo credit: Hannah Martini

If you’re looking to create your own adventure, please feel free to contact me!  And please consider Hannah as your photographer for your elopement, wedding, event or portraits! 

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Marriage Officiant located in Reno, NV helping couples through the post process of engagement!

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