Marriage Officiant Etiquette

Couple to Officiant

From couple to officiant, there is no true etiquette specifically tailored to us.  We are considered to be one of your wedding vendors, so you can absolutely treat us as such!  Communicate with us as much information you have for your big day – i.e. wedding timeline, expectations, etc.  The more information we have, the better!  No, you don’t have to invite your officiant to the wedding reception nor do we expect to be fed a vendor meal.

There is only one expectation I personally have for the couple…

…and that is to let your love shine through when meeting with your officiant.  I personally love witnessing your personalities interacting with each other and I feed off that natural vibe.  I want to smile and laugh with you while you tell me a silly story of how you two met or cringe when you tell me he almost dropped the ring down the side of a cliff while proposing.  My hope is that you will share these moments with me, so I can understand who you are as a couple.  Thus, opening up the flood gates of creative writing; allowing me to create a special ceremony that will present your love in a beautifully word-expressed format.  Whether these words are for an audience of family and friends or it is sacred, withheld for just you two, I want your love to reverberate within as I speak these words aloud.

My first wedding ceremony…

Officiant to Couple

The etiquette I have, as an officiant, toward the couple is to overall be there for you!  I will remain calm, patient and kind in the face of any changes you may present to me.  I will be informative with the process of obtaining a marriage license and I will gently remind you to have it in your possession on your wedding day.  My position within this orchestrated day of union is to perfectly execute your ceremony above your expectations and leave you feeling all the emotions of love and happiness to start your future together. 

If this sounds like someone you want present on your big day, please contact me

Published by Mindy Haffke

Marriage Officiant located in Reno, NV helping couples through the post process of engagement!

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