How do I feel about same sex marriages?


This is how I feel!

I know this is a sensitive subject for many people.  Being in the wedding industry for about 2 years, I realize this high level of sensitivity.  Same-sex marriages have been legally recognized by my resident state, Nevada, since October 9, 2014.  During the month of #PRIDE, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples may exercise their fundamental right to marry on June 25, 2015! 

These are the steps toward progression and equal rights for all.  Unfortunately, some people don’t feel the same; namely, marriage officiants.  I have heard a number of stories from florists and other vendors in the industry where couples were turned away by officiants because they refused to perform a same-sex wedding ceremony.  One officiant met with a couple in person and after the couple arrived, excused themselves from the table and never returned.  This breaks my heart to hear these stories!

I am here to let readers and couples know that I support who you are and whomever you want to marry!  I am a non-denominational marriage officiant who strives to support couples throughout the marriage process and wish them a “Happy Anniversary” a year later. 

Marriage is a big deal to me.  LOVE IS LOVE!  And it’s an absolute honor when couples choose me to conduct their wedding ceremony.  Please reach out or comment below if you have any questions or would like to connect for your wedding ceremony!

Let’s exercise you your fundamental right to get married!

Published by Mindy Haffke

Marriage Officiant located in Reno, NV helping couples through the post process of engagement!

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