The Year 2020: Virtual Weddings

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As we’ve recently endured (and are still witnessing) the events of 2020, that will undoubtedly go down in history, where does that leave wedding ceremonies?  We have all heard the phrase “BLANK is canceled” and to some, that may have meant the wedding of their dreams.  Some couples had to cancel and some rescheduled for a later and “safer” date, but what does that mean?  What is the new normal for weddings this year?

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure…

I conducted some research on the topic and found from The Knot, that New York made virtual weddings legal as it became illegal to hold gatherings.  Washington D.C. and Colorado followed to accommodate their local couples.  In addition, commitment ceremonies were conducted in lieu of a standard wedding ceremony where couples committed to each other on the day of their wedding date with the hope they will make their union official later. With elopements becoming popular within the last few years, I am curious to see if virtual weddings will be the next trend as gatherings and traveling may not be safe for at risk people. 

In Nevada, unfortunately, this currently isn’t legal.  Although I am shocked since we are known for the drive-thru wedding!  My resident state has only started accepting out of state couples to obtain a marriage license by appointment only with the Phase II reopening plan.  I’m sure more will unfold as time progresses and I know people will continue to become more creative with their weddings!  

Image from Pexel

I’m curious – were you planning on getting married in the next few months?  Or are you planning on having a virtual wedding?  If so, please comment below or contact me!  I would love to hear about your experience – what options you brainstormed for an alternative or what you decided on!

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