Engineer Turned Marriage Officiant – How It All Started!

Graduating only one semester apart with a Mechanical Engineering degree and while interning together at International Game Technology (IGT), my friend Farhad and I became close over the years.  We sat two cubicles down from each other and shared laughs over the projects we worked on, the people we have dated, and our love for tiramisu and snowboarding. 

I got married first in 2016.  When the invitations came out, he recently started dating a sweet woman named Ashley.  With no hesitation, he asked, “Can I please have a plus one?”  As some of you know in planning a wedding, the guest list has been created and perhaps edited a few times to focus on your family and closest friends.  I responded with, “Are you going to marry her?”  That was a fun question!  Without hesitation he said, “Yes!  I know I will one day.”  With that excitement in mind, my now husband and I welcomed her to our wedding.  

Fast forward to a few years of Farhad and Ashley dating, they are now engaged and invited my husband and I out to dinner.  While sitting at the restaurant, they began asking us questions about our wedding to get ideas for theirs as they hit me with the biggest honor, “Will you please officiate our wedding?”  It was an incredible feeling and I began crying.  Of course, I accepted. 

The joy and excitement of becoming a marriage officiant to marry my closest guy friend to the woman of his dreams turned to nervousness and shock.  Can I do this?  Should I really do this?  I want to make this special for them.  I began researching “How to become a marriage officiant?”  And low and behold, it’s not that hard!  I went through the entire process and within a few weeks, I officially became a licensed/ordained minister.  

I focused on writing the most beautiful wedding ceremony they would both love and appreciate.  I took it seriously.  I invited them to my home to get to know them more; now through the eyes of a marriage officiant.  I asked silly, serious and fun questions about their relationship so I can specifically weave those moments into the eloquent words I will say on their special day.

The day finally came and with an engineering textbook in hand (Thermodynamics to be exact), I married Farhad to the love of his life in an enchanting backyard ceremony amongst a few friends and their immediate family.  I wasn’t nervous, I wasn’t scared.  I was so calm.  I enjoyed every minute of witnessing their love for one another and I knew I could do this for other couples in the future. 

Beautiful Backyard Ceremony (From left to right – Ashley, Me, Farhad)

Thank you for reading my story!

Published by Mindy Haffke

Marriage Officiant located in Reno, NV helping couples through the post process of engagement!

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