What is an “officiant”?

pronounced of·​fi·​ci·​ant | \ ə-ˈfi-shē-ənt

From Marriam-Webster, the definition of an officiant is “someone (such as a priest) who officiates at a religious rite”. Over the years, the image of a wedding ceremony has completely evolved. Today, marriage or wedding officiants have moved beyond a priest or a minister; they are simply the officially licensed person who may perform marriage ceremonies. I personally use the title “Marriage Officiant” as opposed to “Wedding Officiant” because of the connotation a “wedding” can bring to your union. With elopements on the rise and the cost of an average wedding in 2019 being ~$34,000 (according to The Knot), more couples are choosing to structure their nuptials in unique ways and a marriage officiant is not limited to an established church or venue where a couple must be married.

Wait, I can get married… ANYWHERE?

In short, YES! As long as you have the appropriate marriage license in hand, I can perform marriage ceremonies anywhere! A few examples of onsite locations for some of my ceremonies are the top of Cave Rock in Lake Tahoe, NV, at a coffee shop in San Diego, CA, or at the Moon Rocks near Pyramid Lake, NV.

The possibilities are endless!

In life, I never want to be limited, so in turn, I would never want that for my couples. PLEASE do not let traditionalist or naysayers tell you what you can and cannot do to become married and start your beautiful life together. I want to be the first to tell you that whatever you envision for your marriage ceremony is absolutely perfect!

With that being said, I want to help! A marriage officiant is typically the last person or wedding vendor on your mind when the love of your life pops the big question. I am definitely not offended by this. I just want you to know that I’m here for all of my couples at any step of the process and to answer any of your wedding/marriage/ceremony-related questions.

Thank you for reading and I hope one day, I can get to know you and your future spouse! Please check back for more information on the state laws of marriage licenses and what is the difference between an elopement and wedding.

Published by Mindy Haffke

Marriage Officiant located in Reno, NV helping couples through the post process of engagement!

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